Easy to sell on the Internet?

Easy to sell on the Internet?

It is not true that it is very easy to sell on the internet as Reclaimed by GoDaddy in their ads, ignorance could cost you a long way and waste to believe unscrupulous companies, who only seek to sell you at any cost and over time, you end up giving yourself Realize that they must have helped you understand the path correctly.

It is not necessary to say why, rather, it is about clearly understanding the concrete steps to be successful in developing a platform to obtain contacts interested in our product or service. Since in fact it is not enough to just have a very nice web page.

1.- If we want that each currency invested in our project has high possibilities of generating a sale, we are obliged to carry out a thorough investigation of what we have to do, for this reason our slogan is: "Without analytics there are no sales"

Creating a website as a sales or contact platform is very similar to wanting to open a store or customer acquisition center. Before making the investment, it is necessary to evaluate very well the place where we will open our offer center, if the place is in a commercial area or is isolated, if the type of prospect that moves nearby, is actually the profile we are looking for , etc.


1. Analysis of the profile of clients (we have to evaluate who really makes the decision to make the purchase of our product or service).

2. Analyze the potential words of our service / product, the volume of searches by keyword type and in this way we can design an accurate strategy for organic and adwords.

3. Content strategy design; Once we understand and have the security that is what our prospects are looking for the most on the internet, a content strategy is developed that manages to capture the attention and achieve an engagement of our audience.

4. Construction of the project: Choose the ideal platform for the construction of our website, this platform must have the necessary characteristics that facilitate, the organization of the information (design), the optimization of each URL, the optimization of each content, the assembly of the contents, the necessary tools to streamline the user's interaction.

5. Periodic campaign design: Design a constant communication campaign, content creation that gradually increases the traffic on our website and the quality of it. These campaigns must have a precise address to be evaluated and thus constantly correct the course, optimizing their results more and more.

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