SEO – Positioning

Currently, with the almost essential need to pay per click on ads from different options, it is very important to have your website well optimized with SEO, this will make the Ads campaign a complete success, SEO, allows you to monitor the website promptly, so that the Ads campaign can provide much more specific data and thus generate the largest number of conversions.

SEO gives stability to the project, since correctly combined with SEM campaigns, the site will be able to position itself with larger groups of keywords, thus balancing the cost of bidding, making the website much more robust. Many of the keywords will naturally be ranked and another group by paid ads.

For example: When you do a Google Ads campaign, soon after the recommendations made by the engine, is that you optimize your Urls to achieve better campaign quality, in turn it asks you to create landing page for conversion objectives And if you have correctly optimized in SEO your website you will save yourself having to create these friendly URLs. The fact that a website has an optimal SEO job triples and sometimes quadruples the chances of conversion.


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